• What do they all have in common?

    Herbalife. Body By Vi. Juice Plus. Aloe Vera products.

    What do they all have in common, apart from any self respecting and educated Fitness Professional hating them?

    They are all Multi Level Marketing strategies.

    Now this isn’t anything unusual in the sports supplement industry, we have sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors pushing them daily.

    Where the problem lies is the people pushing these so called “miracle” working products is the following:

    A) 99% of them don’t know their ass from their elbow. A 1 hour “indoctrination” in how to sell doesn’t make you a specialist on diet.
    A deck chair falling off the Titanic did fuck all to change its weight, in the same sense this 1 hour training doesn’t make you a nutritionalist or dietician.

    B) Alan Aragon wrote a great article on MLM (nothing to do with the nutritional side but aimed at the marketing and I have attached the article) and his 4 take always points are superb, but the main one that resonates is using family and friends as “marks.”
    Too many times over social media do you see people reeling in money from friends and family because 1) they are family and want you to succeed, but 2) you are selling them low grade shite.

    C) MLM targets poorly motivated individuals who will cling on to ANY quick fix or miracle working shake that will help them change.
    Remember, as humans we always want to take a short cut, but dangling an imaginary short cut is pretty fucking low.
    These people need HELP to be able to handle life, the pressures and being given a plan that is maintainable long term.

    D) Price. These so called miracle cures are god damn expensive. Are you willing to remortgage your house for a years supply?
    Apparently healthy eating is expensive. Try living for a year forking out £60-80 for a tub of low quality protein powder.

    E) Quality of life. How fucking awful must it be to have 1 meal a day and the rest as shakes? Never mind life, your ass is gonna be planted on the toilet for most of the day! Buy a Netflix account. You’ll need it.

    F) MLMers indignity when you call a spade a spade and dig them out. “It’s not MLM, it’s a top class genuine product. Ronaldo and Lionel Messi use it!”
    No fucktard, they get paid MILLIONS to endorse it. Same as they get paid exorbitant amounts for advertising KFC and Pepsi!

    Anyway, enough ranging from me. I’m hoping for MLM hate from this one as in the words of Grumpy JD (local gym member) “If I bring a ray of sunshine into someone’s life everyday (in this case and MLMer), I’m fucking doing something wrong!”

    Alan Aragon – http://www.vandruff.com/mlm.html