• Training – A few things to consider…

    Training – A few things to consider…


    There are a few things you need to think about when training

    1 – Set some goals!
    Aim high, but be realistic. Don’t aim for the stage at Olympia when you know that’s not a possibility.

    2 – Is your training applicable to your goals?
    If you are aiming to compete in powerlifting is body weight training going to help? Make sure your training is aimed at progressing you towards your goals. Find a programme or get a coach to set one up for you. Remember, aimless training will rarely bring great results.

    3 – Technique.
    This is where a coach or personal trainer (provided they know what they are doing) is worth their weight in gold. Master the compound lifts and everything else will fall into place. Don’t “attempt” to get it right. Get feedback, make sure your technique is picture perfect and you know how to adjust and correct it.

    4 – Progression.
    Progression must be made. Whether that be more weight, reps, time, sets keep taking steps forward. But always remember, progress, no matter how small is still progress. That 2.5kg extra on the bar for you squat is taking you closer to your goal.

    5 – Intensity.
    We all know that gym douchebag who claims “beast mode” every session, but when the chips are down is he actually leaving it all in the gym?
    Probably not. In fact, in the douchebags case, DEFINITELY not.
    Your sessions should be out of your comfort zone. Make sure you leave the gym knowing you’ve put in 100%.

    6 – Monitor.
    Keep a training diary. Keep note of your sets, reps and weights so you can track progression.

    7 – Reassess.
    When you get towards the end of your programme or towards achieving your goal, think, what next? Make sure you plan the next step.

    7 – Find a training partner.
    Training partners help. A lot! They help push you further, motivate you and keep you on track! Just don’t pick the local gym douchebag!

    8 – Commitment.
    This is solely in your hands. Whatever it is, training or diet you have to commit wholeheartedly. Don’t expect to get to 100% of your target when your only putting in 50% of the work.

    Plan. Master Technique. Progress. Keep your Intensity high. Monitor. Reassess.


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