• Think SMART.

    Think SMART.

    We’re now in to that time of year where the New Years Rush has died down and it’s back to the gym regulars keeping at it.

    But why do most people fail when setting their New Years Resolutions of losing weight, getting stronger, being more healthy?

    SMART Goal Setting is where 95% fail.

    S – Specific.
    Too many have a general idea in mind without actually choosing a specific goal to aim at.
    Choose 3 goals.
    Write them down.
    Work out the order of importance.
    Check them off as you reach them.

    M – Measurable.
    Make your goals measurable. Whether that be kilos lost, weight added to lifts or progress pictures, you need to be able to measure your progress.

    A – Achievable.
    R – Realistic.
    These two come in the same bracket.
    Don’t set yourself a goal or target if it’s out of reach. All that’s going to happen is that your motivation will drop, you’ll lose interest and end up jacking it.

    Don’t set a target of losing 4 stone in 2 months.
    Look at 4 stone over 12 months. If you get there quicker, that’s great.

    Don’t set a target of stepping onstage at Olympia when you haven’t won a local bodybuilding competition yet.
    Aim for the local, then national, then international.

    Don’t aim at pulling a 300kg deadlift when you’re only hitting low 100’s.
    Build up. Work some achievable and realistic targets in there. Aim for 150. 175. 200. Hitting those numbers will keep motivation high, not failing because you’re so far away from the 300.

    Now I’m not saying don’t aim big. But be realistic and make the targets achievable. When you hit those goals, reset them and aim higher.

    T – Time Frame.
    Set a time frame to achieve the goals. Work your ass off to make sure they are achieved by the time/date set. Make yourself accountable. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and change the time frame if necessary. I’m

    This is where working with a PT/Coach can be helpful. Sit down and discuss your goals, let them help you set targets that are SMART orientated.

    Think SMART.