• The Fitness Revolution – Alba Lifestyle 2.0

    Today welcomes Alba Lifestyle Version 2.0.

    After a couple of years of an amateur looking website, Capital Softworks from Edinburgh have designed a superb looking website for me.

    A website is something that speaks volume for your business, so the old one had to go.
    The guys at Capital Softworks were seriously easy to work with. Daniel and Alessio had this up and running really quickly and were there to answer the questions (no matter how trivial or daft they must have sounded) I needed answered.

    When Daniel asked me what visions I had for my website I actually told him my visions for the Fitness Industry in Scotland and in particular, Edinburgh.

    My vision is to make Edinburgh the Fitness Capital of Scotland. This may sound ambitious, but I’m an ambitious person and I’ll work myself into the ground to achieve this.
    I want Alba Lifestyle to by synonymous with quality training, education of clients and most importantly results.
    I also want Alba Lifestyle and Edinburgh to be the place where some of the top minds in the industry come to deliver their seminars and educational talks.

    Alba Lifestyle and Elysium Personal Training are delighted to announce that Ben Coomber, Performance Nutritionist has agreed to come to Edinburgh to deliver his “Diet & Supplementation to Achieve Awesomeness” seminar.
    With Ben agreeing to come up, this is hopefully the start of bringing up more top names to boost Edinburgh’s “Fitness Capital” title.

    The Fitness Revolution is coming….


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