• Stay Humble

    Stay Humble

    Humble – Having or showing a modest or low estimate of ones importance.

    Humble – A word that many in the fitness industry need to learn the definition of.

    This isn’t even aimed at guys at the top of the industry as the majority of them are extremely humble and down to earth.

    Having been lucky enough to spend small amounts of time with guys like Ben Coomber, Ryan Terry, Jamie Alderton, Ben Mudge and even Olympia athletes Kai Greene, Phil Heath and Flex Lewis, what surprises me the most is how normal and open they are.

    The fitness industry gets a bad name from all the new wanky gym rats flinging around weights, flexing non existent muscles in the mirror and generally acting like tossbags.

    Even scary dudes like CT Fletcher who in his videos come across as one scary muthafucka is a pretty chilled guy who is more than happy to give you 5 minutes of his time!

    The problem is the newbies who believe you have to have an ego to make it in the industry.

    WRONG. Sponsors aren’t looking for athletes to be dicks who swagger around acting Mr Big Shot.

    You don’t get into this industry to be a “sponsored athlete.”

    You get into the industry to influence people’s lives, to be a role model and if a sponsorship deal comes along, it’s an added bonus.

    If you are in the industry solely to be a “sponsored athlete” then your a mug and also 99% likely to be bypassed by potential sponsors due to the fact your said dick above.

    “Work Hard. Stay Humble.”

    Some people desperately need to remember that.

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