The Recipe Collection

The Recipe Collection – Alexander Ferentinos

Ladies & Gentlemen, Elite Fitness Education are delighted to announce Alex Ferentinos – Nutrition & Training Consultant – Nutrition and Cookery Seminar is coming to Edinburgh on the 8th of November.

This event features Alex imparting up-to-date information on nutrition to improve your performance, recovery, health and physique.

Whatever your goal or pursuit, you’ll learn not only rock solid principles but also how to match them to your specific needs.

If your diets have ever failed you, or you’re simply looking to ensure that your game is optimised, this event is for you.

Alex is renowned for being able to meet the performance nutrition intake targets of athletes and the public alike with simple, practical delicious meals.

This means learning from Alex and applying his info results in an effective, enjoyable and sustainable approach to nutrition – i.e. it’s for life, the last diet you’ll ever need!

He’s also kindly agreed to cook up his recipes live on the day to show everybody how to get the best results in the kitchen, on the plate and tastebuds.

He doesn’t come up to Scotland often, we can attest that it’s worth travelling from afar for!

Tickets are priced at £50 for Alex’s 6 hour seminar!

This is what his seminar covers!

  • Hydration
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Nutrition Plan Design
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Live Cookery Demonstration