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    Remember and keep perspective on the progress you have made.

    Too many people focus on the things they haven’t achieved rather than the things they have.

    I’ve been guilty of this as recently as yesterday. Nailing an ass to grass 180kg squat then a parallel 200kg, I got seriously annoyed that I didn’t break 90 degrees.

    I still have to remember that I am only just over a year post ACL reconstruction and to be squatting heavy is still pretty good going. I’ve also played a couple of games of rugby and competed in a Bodybuilding competition, so its really easy to forget what you have achieved in such a short space of time.

    We all like to focus on what we haven’t done, things we haven’t achieved.

    Yes, we need to make sure those goals we haven’t reached are achieved but don’t forget to take stock and see the goals you have achieved.

    We’re getting close to New Year where everyone starts to make resolutions and not many actually stick to them. Whether that be taking on a Personal Trainer, joining a gym, packing on muscle or weight loss, most people won’t get past the end of January.

    This year, try to choose 5 things that you want to achieve in 2015. In June, re-evaluate and see what progress you have made with them.

    This year I chose 6 goals and had them completed by June. I then set 4 more to finish by the end of the year and I will have completed them all by December 31st.

    My first goal for next year is already underway with new venture Prep By Pro’s.

    Never stop trying to achieve more, but always remember those goals you have already completed.

    All progress, no matter how small you think it is, is still progress.

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