• More muscle?

    More muscle?

    Want More Muscle?

    There are two simple principles to follow when trying to put on size.

    1 – Train hard. 2 – Eat more.

    There are no magic answers when trying to build muscle, but these two principles must be adhered too.

    Up the intensity of your training.

    Most guys believe they are in “Beast Mode” when in the gym, but are you really?

    With over 14 years of experience working within gyms I can attest that there are very few guys who can really be confident that they “leave it all” in the gym.

    Focus on the big lifts.

    Squats, deadlifts and bench. Add in some heavy accessory work – pull ups, presses and heavy rows and you’ll give yourself a great platform from which to start adding muscle mass.

    Isolation exercises do work but these bigger lifts will give you more bang for your buck.

    Eat more.

    Diet is the most important factor of the two. You must be in a calorific surplus.

    No matter how good your training is, if you aren’t eating enough you won’t grow. Get a nutritional plan set up from a trainer or a coach. Let them help you work out your calorie ceiling and set a plan for building muscle.

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of programmes and nutrition plans available on the Internet but you need to make sure that it fits you.

    Even I use someone else for my programming. I have been following John Meadow’s work for a number of years now and after competing last year decided to invest in a programme from him. Needless to say I loved every session no matter how hard DOMs hit me. I’m now on a second 12 week programme with John on the run up to UKDFBA on the 27th of June and its really helped me focus!

    Find a trainer or coach that will help you work to your capacity and set you realistic targets to achieve.

    If you want to build muscle, persevere. It’s a long process so you need to be ready for the hard work.

    Now its time to really “leave it all in the gym!”