• Ladies and Lifting

    Ladies and Lifting

    There are a number of reasons for women to get themselves into the gym and lifting weights.
    Forget the aesthetic reasons and lets look at the physical and mental health related reasons first and foremost.

    Exercise is a major contributor to stress relief, releasing endorphins (feel good hormone) into the body, which help combat the effects of stress.

    From personal experience there is nothing better than taking out the stress of a day from hell on the squat rack.

    I have been coaching females now for nearly 14 years and I guarantee every one I have worked with has benefitted from taking a step back from life and letting their minds focus on training for an hour.

    Get Strong. Never mind how you look, but get strong enough to make it through every day life in one piece.

    The number of clients I have dealt with over the years who start to realize this shortly after starting training with me is countless. Whether that be running for a bus, making sure your posture is correct through the rigor of sitting at a desk all day or carrying that handbag that you say is light but really weighs closer to that of a small car, getting strong is a necessity.

    The Telegraph actually published an article on women and lifting weights. Something more newspapers and women’s magazines should be doing!

    Let me clarify. Lifting weights and getting strong is NOT going to make you huge and bulky. You’re not going to look like a bodybuilder if you pick up a set of dumbbells.

    Next time you are in the gym take a look around at the guys in the weights area. How many of them are actually huge? Not many of them. Men are forever chasing the “Gains” and very few actually see anything worth writing home about.

    “Be strong, and do not fear.” – Isaiah 35:4

    Myself and business partner Dean Robertson are delivering a Ladies & Lifting seminar on the 31st of January. I will hopefully dispel some myths that leave a massive stigma, answer any questions that you may have and also some practical work.

    This seminar doesn’t have an attendance fee, however, I would be much appreciative of a donation, which I will be putting towards Cystic Fibrosis.

    If this is of interest, drop us an email at elitefitnesseducation@gmail.com

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