• Fat Loss… Are you training optimally?

    Definition: Optimal – Best or most favourable.

    Is your training optimal to fat loss?

    Quick checklist:


    How many of those do you tick?

    If you don’t have at least 3 ticked, you probably aren’t working to the capacity that you are able to!

    Let’s take a look at each:

    Resistance: In short, the more lean muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn to fuel them. So if this isn’t ticked, it damn well should be.
    Conclusion: Lift weights. Get strong. Build muscle. Get shredded.

    Nutrition: If you put diesel in a petrol car, do you expect it to work to the best of its ability?
    Conclusion: Thermodynamics Rule 1 – Make a calorie deficit. Expenditure must exceed input.

    Recovery: One of the most important yet under valued factors. This is where muscle growth occurs.
    Conclusion: Train hard, eat smart, sleep well.

    Cardio: I hate cardio with a passion, however, it has its place. Your not going to cut body fat just by running (unless your running marathons daily) and do you really want to bore yourself to death as a cardio bunny?
    Conclusion: Use WHEN needed.

    Cutting body fat needs to start by working out your calorie ceiling. The point at which your body can sit without adding weight.

    Getting a coach will help a lot. Someone to help you understand and educate you on how to do this yourself is a must!

    Don’t fall into the traps of crash dieting, men’s health training to get abs in 6 days or sitting on a x-trainer until you want to throw up.

    Get a coach. Set some goals. Achieve them all!

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