• Achievement

    No matter what anyone tells you, if you set your mind to something you can do it. It may take longer than you expected but if you apply yourself and commit to it, it will come.

    Over the 16 weeks prior to competing at BNBF I managed to get down from 108.1kg to 83kg on the day. A total loss of 25.1kg (just short of 4st) was something I never even imagined possible.

    However, my feat was dwarfed by one of my friends. The day after BNBF I got a call from a young friend Darren who has been battling with an eating disorder, rendering him physically unable to even walk much distance without serious fatigue.

    The call I took was one of the best calls I have ever taken.

    Darren initially came to me a year ago after hitting a low of 7 stone. I didn’t even recognize the young lad who I had played football with when living back home. His mum had asked him to speak to me after becoming increasingly worried about his weight.

    We sat down and had a chat about where he was at mentally and he knew that he needed to change. I have no degree in psychology or counselling, but I do know how to educate people. All Darren needed was to be pointed in the right direction, making sure that he knew it was ok to fall in love with food again.

    Fast forward a year and I was delighted when Darren told me he’d reached 9 stone, was enjoying food again and is even involved in his works Step Count Challenge. Once he has completed this we are going to get him back into the gym slowly and steadily!

    No matter what obstacles lay in your path, friends and family will be there to support you, all you need to do is ask. I’ve been praised by many for my 16 week body transformation, however, my biggest achievement in my career to date was through a young friend who has battled hard to progress himself and get back to enjoying life.

    Darren, you are a true inspiration, you were a battler on the football pitch, and you’ll be back on that pitch again, I have no doubts.

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