Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton - Edinburgh Personal Trainer

Andy has been in the Fitness Industry for over 13 years now after injury cut short a potential career in football. After spells with Dunfermline and Motherwell, he progressed into sports coaching, focusing on football and athletics. Andy has trained in a variety of areas, however, specializes in Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training and Nutrition & Weight Management. Andy is a highly motivated and energetic individual who strives for great results in all areas. Using his wide range of experience he is able to ensure his clients are working most effectively to achieve their goals. Andy works with a variety of clientele, ranging from professionals through to National, International and Olympic athletes. Clients past and present include: Scottish fencing No 1 and British No 3 Keith Cook, celebrity and former Gladiator, Ali “Siren” Paton, current Gladiator, Shirley “Battleaxe” Webb and Actress Daniela Nardini. Currently underway with courses accredited by the UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Association), he is currently working with an array of young athletes through a variety of sports from rugby, football, hockey and triathlon. Andy has had a passion for fitness from a very early age and has tried his hand at most sports, Football, Rugby and Sprinting being the sports of choice. Olympic lifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding have come more into focus over the past 5 years with the aim of competing.

Sheona Lindsay

Sheona Lindsey - Edinburgh Personal Trainer

With over six years experience of working within the fitness industry and attaining various highly applicable qualifications, Sheona provides an evidence based, realistic and sustainable approach to health and fitness. Her definition of a healthy lifestyle is a maintainable and enjoyable existence that promotes optimum health and well-being based on the choices that are made surrounding a person’s daily habits. By utilising this approach it has enabled her to achieve weight loss and muscle gain results with all her clients, who are still reaping the benefits of their new positive lifestyle changes to this day.Through her recognised and well-acknowledged honours degree in sport and exercise science, Sheona has established an excellent understanding of the human anatomy from specialising in sports injury and rehabilitation. Her commitment towards competing in numerous body building federations such as WBFF and Miami pro demonstrates her well structured and in depth knowledge of training and nutrition. Sheona is a bright, enthusiastic individual and her passion towards health and fitness is infectious. Teaching aquatics for over 5 years to a variety of ages from infants, elderly and disabled reflects her ability to adapt and modify a session to suit all. If you are a beginner to fitness, returning from injury or looking to progress and enhance your current athletic condition then Sheona can provide you with realistic alterations and nutritional guidance towards a healthier maintainable lifestyle.