• 5 tips to better training!

    5 tips to better training!

    1) Simplicity.

    Keep it simple. Why squat with a TRX on a bosu ball rather than squatting with an Olympic bar?

    Programmes that attempt to keep people’s “Gym Boner” are normally nonsense.

    Stick to the basics. Master the basics. Watch the basics work.

    Tip. Get a programme or a coach. Learn to understand what helps make progress, not what keeps things interesting.

    2) Keep track.

    Keep track of your reps, sets and weights.

    Watch them increase. Realise that progression. That’s motivation within itself!

    Tip. Buy a training diary (notepad) keep check of everything.

    3) Bring the intensity.

    Don’t wander in scratching your ass, half arse a session and then wonder why your not making any progress.

    Stop pissing about on your phone. Stop the gym selfies. Get your head in the muthafucking game.

    The are too many people fannying around the gym, trying to look cool in their designer skinny joggers and stringer.

    Two words for that bunch:
    “Get fucked.”

    Tip. Pick your music. Turn it up. Blank out the crowd. Train like you mean it.

    4) Feel for it.

    Yeah, it’s great fun to lift and shift heavy weights but actually feeling your training is a whole different ball game.

    Trying to engage the mind – muscle connection is an invaluable asset to getting the best out of your training.

    If you’re benching heavy but only feeling your shoulders and arms, drop the weight back and understand how to feel it in the chest.

    Tip. Try to engage the muscle you are working BEFORE you lift e.g contract your quads and hamstrings before you lower in a squat.

    5) Set goals and evaluate regularly.

    Training without a purpose results in pissing around in the gym. Aimless training has almost no results.

    Set a goal but remember to evaluate, monitor your progress and see how far you’ve come and how far you have to go to hit that goal!

    Tip. Keep your goals simple, realistic and achievable. Don’t aim for the stage at Olympia if the stage at Butlins is out of your reach.

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