• 5 Rules for dropping body fat!

    5 Rules for dropping body fat!

    1) Pills, shakes and potions DONT work. Herbalife, Body by Vi, Arbonne and the Avon lady aren’t reputable places to go for nutritional advice.

    If I want to buy a car I don’t go to the Pound Shop.

    What’s the common denominator with these “products?”

    They are expensive, non maintainable and have no empathy for the “victim.”

    These companies are MLM based, so try to suck you into selling so that the fat cat further up the tree makes money from your misery.

    2) Calories DO matter. Calories out must be higher than calories in.

    Note: This does not mean crash dieting or starvation mode.

    Tracking calories isn’t difficult, it just takes a bit of commitment and planning.

    3) Cardiovascular training isn’t a necessity but it has its place.

    Use correctly alongside a nutritional plan and resistance training.

    Being on a treadmill for more than 3 minutes is monotonously boring. Go throw around some weights, it’s much more fun and you may even get even more ripped even quicker!

    4) 90% of people obsess about the things that make the smallest difference without realising that they neglect the points that give you best “bang for your buck.”

    Why focus on pec minor when you’re not benching heavy (bar injury).

    Why worry about a teaspoon of salt when you’re over eating by 1000kcal per day?

    5) Educate yourself.

    Read more, put some thought and due diligence into planning and executing how this is going to work.

    A good PT/Coach will teach you, help you understand and encourage you to further your knowledge. If they aren’t, they’re not doing their job.

    If you need any help with programming or your nutrition drop myself or Sheona an email at albalifestyle@googlemail.com