• 5 mistakes of weight loss!

    5 mistakes of weight loss!

    1 – Not eating enough.

    90% of people trying to lose weight are already eating way below the number of calories they should be.
    The number of clients I have worked with who are eating close to HALF of what the should be intaking and are normally aghast when told what they should be on!

    2 – Not tracking calories.

    Unfortunately, as much as you wish it didn’t matter, counting calories is how it works. Calories In must be exceeded my Calories Out to allow weight loss.
    Tracking is the best way to monitor. This allows you to make the changes if and when they are needed.

    3 – Thinking zero carbs will magically result in weight loss.

    Yes, zero carbs MAY result in weight loss, but only if you are making a calorie deficit.
    Carbs aren’t the devil.
    Personally I can’t do low/zero carb for long spells as my training, recovery and sleep go to shit.

    4 – Overthinking and overdoing.

    When losing weight we are always wanting to get there in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately maintainable weight loss takes time. There are no quick fixes. Don’t overthink, stick to your plan.
    Don’t overdo. You have to use the right tools at the right time. Not throw them all into mix at once. Hold things back, make sure you make the changes at the right time.

    5 – Not allowing yourself to recover sufficiently.

    Getting up at 4.30am to get in your steady state cardio may seem like a great idea at the time and may burn off an extra 200kcal but is it affecting your training sessions and more importantly, your life?
    Sleep and recovery are vital to weight loss. Maintainable weight loss should not end up with you falling asleep at work or kicking your immune system so hard you have a cold every other week.

    In short, learn, plan, evaluate and repeat.

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