• Picking the right Trainer?

    When making your choice to take on a personal trainer/coach be very careful.

    There are a list of things you need to look for and avoid:

    1 – Just because a PT/coach is busy, doesn’t mean a) they are good, b) they are going to be able to help you to reach your goals.
    There are plenty PT’s out there undercutting costs of other trainers and because people think with their wallets rather than their heads, pick up lots of business. The trainer that does 90+ sessions a week for £15 a time is running themselves into the ground and can’t give 100% to each client.

    2 – Ask for a recommendation.
    Rather than approach the PT/coach, have a chat with their clients. Ask them why they value the service they receive, what the coach does for them and the level of service they get within a session.

    3 – Stay away from the coach who trains you like they train themselves.
    A coach should read the clients situation, goals, strong points and weak points and make a plan based on that. They shouldn’t be training you the way they do because “thats the best or only way to do it.”

    4 – PT/Coaching is about building a rapport and an understanding with your client.
    If you don’t feel this rapport with your trainer, then the chances of you getting the best out of your sessions is low. It can also result in you trying to cancel and get out of sessions because of the atmosphere.

    5 – The trainer who can’t coach.
    There are plenty book smart people out there who can roll out names of muscles and confuse you with jargon but can’t coach a simple bodyweight movement. Coaches who bamboozle their clients aren’t clever, the simpler you can make it for the client the more clear the pathway to results will be.

    I’m not trying to scare you out of taking on a PT or coach, but do your homework before committing. Ask for recommendations and get to know the coach before you buy sessions.

    Getting yourself a pt or coach, no matter what your goal, weight loss, muscle building, sports performance or prep for a competition it’s a great idea.

    Get help setting goals, adjusting targets, nailing down that nutrition and keeping you motivated and on track.