• 2014’s Goal (Re-Blogged)

    2014 is going to be a year of new starts and new challenges for me personally and business wise.
    Firstly a new start at Energy Gym will take me out of my comfort zone, make me keep moving forward and is the start of some long term plans to be realised by 2015.
    2014 is also a year where a few more courses will be undertaken so I can swot up on new knowledge in this ever changing industry. Hopefully taking in seminars with some of the top guys including Layne Norton, Phil Learney, Brad Schoenfeld and Ben Coomber including BodyPower Expo in Birmingham.
    Personally this is a year of pushing training hard after knee surgery in October 2013. Training has already been progressing quickly but extremely well, moving back to heavy lifting with squats and deadlifts and finally starting to ramp up the intensity during leg sessions.
    It’s also a year where I shall compete in my first BodyBuilding competition, maybe 2 dependent on how I feel with my conditioning.
    Having a great training partner in Dean Robertson from Elysium Personal Training is one of the reasons I’m pretty confident about hitting a good condition come June. Dean is new to the PT game after competing his Masters in Strength & Conditioning and I know he’ll make a superb PT & Strength Coach. We will definitely collaborate over the coming year to bring some more interest to the fitness industry here in Edinburgh.
    Client wise, I have a few aiming at different goals this year including Senior World Triathlons, IronMan and Age grade International Rugby. I am in the lucky position to have a great diversity of clientele and I’ve learnt a lot from each one of them over our journey so far.
    Finally, 2014 is a year where I’m going to start writing a few more blogs (hence this one) about a variety of differing topics, hopefully adding in a few other guys/girls from the industries take on certain things.
    Anyway, we’re already a week and a bit into January, I’m hoping your all on board the training wagon and making sure your goals are getting progressed!

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